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your commercial proposals

Create and send proposals to your customers in just a few clicks!

Standardization and agility that your budget lacked!

WBudget is a complete system for sellers and service providers to automate their budget generation and tracking processes with their customers.
Spend more time on what matters: your business!

Register your data

Register companies, agents, customers, categories, items, notes, payment methods. Do you already have this data? Great, we have smart excel spreadsheet importers to facilitate the process of migrating your data into our system.

Create proposals

Choose the customer, company, payment method and add items to generate the budget for your products and services in seconds! Create more frequent proposal formats, include mini contracts and images in your proposals!

Track the results

Export your proposals in PDF or send them directly to your customers' emails! If you prefer, you can create an access link so they can verify and authorize via the system! Get access to important financial indicators of your business!

Why use WBudget?

WBudget was designed to help organize the items and values ​​of your budget proposals, offering a new way of doing business: more agile, standardized and interactive!
  • Parameterize items, categories, customers and more
  • Multiple companies and staff members
  • Include images and mini contracts
  • Export/send your quotes in pdf
  • Create templates and save time
  • Create custom attributes for your items
  • Create an access link for your customers
  • Customize your system with your logo
  • Get status change/approval alerts
  • Export/import data in xls format
  • Create math expressions and customize your prices
  • Financial indicators of your business

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